Attended council meeting with Mayor Lisa Gillmor

"The product design and operability are sustainable and scalable for the community. Products like these would help the community to get back to work with peace of mind, Very innovative and timely products. This product needs the hour especially when the teams come back to work. It's been amazing to work with this young entrepreneur." - Sunil S. Ranka (CEO + Founder of Predikly)

"Ritize is a brilliant product. Its notion sanitize doorknobs was unheard of. This pandemic had effected the lives of many, and I am grateful for Ritize to help people like me to reopen their businesses and startups and have their start working again in a clean and hygienic environment. I care about my employees that work here and I want them to feel safe, Ritize does just that” - Huseni Saboowala (CEO and Founder of CloudDefense)

“Having Ritize here in the dental clinic was one less thing that our team had to worry about. We never knew about the importance of doorknob sanitization until now and are so grateful we got connected with Ritvi to learn about this. This product is a great and sustainable method for sanitization. We enjoyed using it and is a great effort to bring back the workforce post-COVID.” - Dr. Insiya Saboowala D.D.S. (De Anza Smiles)

“When I first heard about Ritize I was so excited to start off. The idea so unique and something that many don’t realize. I think this product so so innovative and has huge potential for this future.” - Biren Shah (Branch owner for Kumon)

"India has gone through so much this past year, that is why my team and I were so excited to hear that Ritvi would be shipping a custom made doorknob sanitizer from the United States. After conversing with her on this project, I was able to understand the importance of doorknob sanitization and how it applies to the patients that come in through my door. Her manual was so thorough that I was able to install it on my own. After two weeks of taking readings, I was able to understand the use for the project and asked if I could keep it for further use.” - Dr. Pravin Chopra, MD (MeritLife Clinic, Bandra)