Sanitization is key.

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Root Cause

The root cause of my issue is poor hygiene habits and improper sanitization methods. With this project, my goal is to help solve the transmission of the virus by touch on the doorknob. Because door handles are hot spots for bacteria, they can last from 24 hours to a few days. This virus is airborne, which means it can propagate through different types of contact. We can prevent the spread or transmission of this virus by maintaining good sanitation and cleanliness habits within public areas. When this pandemic comes to an end, hygiene will be built into our routines. I truly want people to understand that hygiene is such a critical part of our lives. We need to understand that every surface, every shelf, every countertop always has bacteria residing on them. Therefore, the sanitization of these surfaces is one of the best ways to help fight this crucial issue.


I will tackle the root cause by building a sensor-based device that will be placed above a doorknob or door handle. Before the use of the handle, the user will wave their hand above the device and a spray will release onto the doorknob. This will allow the doorknob to be sanitized before every use. This will also address this issue of virus transmission. The spray that is released is alcohol-based making it quick drying and quite effective to remove 99.9% of germs that may reside on the handle. This device is also completely touchless and eliminates all direct contact. It is also refillable making it an eco-friendly and sustainable model for our environment. Another way I will address this cause is to build a website where I can post step-by-step videos on how to make the device itself. This will allow the project to be sustainable and let people who may not be able to buy this device, make it on their own. Overall, this is how I plan on solving my root cause.

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