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Ritvi Ranka

Creator of Ritize

I am a senior at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino
During quarantine with much time on my hands, I wanted to build a project that can potentially help bring back the workforce. At the time, hygiene and proper sanitization were on everyone's mind, but no one realized that doorknobs were major hotspots for bacteria. After doing extensive research on door handle bacteria, I decided to create a device that works to sanitize doorknobs before every use. This device, Ritize, is a sensor-based, cost-effective product that is built to be used in offices, clinics, senior centers, and more. I piloted this product at a startup and a dental clinic and received positive testimonials from both locations. I was also invited by Santa Clara Mayor, Mayor Lisa M. Gilmore, to speak about my sanitization methods. Similarly, I attended the Cupertino Council Webinar where I spoke to the Mayor, the Council, and city members. Afterward, I was recognized by the Cupertino Today newspaper and they wrote an article about my project. (Facebook)(408) 674-7312